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Specializing in Engine Builds, Dyno Tunning, Performance Upgrades

DynoSteve Performance offers a number of performance and runnability services. Along with all general performance services-- Stage 1-5, cam install, big bore, chain drive upgrades, decking heads-- DynoSteve offers some speciality services. General labor rates are $100/hour.

Dyno Tuning

Dyno Tuning is a process where the air/fuel ration is adjusted for each throttle position.  This process optimizes your power output, throttle response, gas mileage, and extends the life of your engine.  It is necessary if any sort of work on the engine or exhaust system has been performed.

Fuel Injected Bikes Dyno Tune-- $250 for tune*
Carb Tune--$125/carb
Carb and Ignition Tune--$250

DynoSteve Signature Carb Service

We port and polish your existing carb, in order to maximize airflow. The result is improved power delivery and performance. 

With existing carb -- $250/carb

DynoSteve Signature Cylinder Head Service

We port and polish your cylinder heads for improved power delivery and performance. 

Decking Heads -- $100
Port & Polish-- $250

Custom Engline Builds and Upgrades

Free consultation for any engine build or upgrade. We can come up with a plan to get the engine that is perfect for your riding style, needs, and that fits within your budget. 

Prices vary depending on parts and service. Call for an estimate. 253-693-8880


General Diagnosis

Having runability or start up issues? We offer a complete computer diagnosis and can often find the issue when other shops have failed.  It is a point of pride that we will not try to sell you fixes for things that are not broken—if it is a simple fix, we will let you know.  There may be times that the cases of an engine need to be split in order to have a complete diagnosis, in that case general labor rates will apply.

Computer Diagnosis -- $100

Damage Estimates for Insurance

We provide damage estimates for insurance, including estimates for replacing damaged aftermarket parts.

Damage Estimates -- $200
$25/day storage fee after claim settlement, typically paid by insurance company


Mobile Dyno for events and fundraisers

Call for more information if you are interested in booking Dynosteve as an event at a festival or fundraiser. Dyno shootouts and daily rates availiable.