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DynoSteve and Joel Heiman

The faces of DynoSteve Performance

Established in 2012, DynoSteve Performance is owned and operated by Steve McConnell, Joel Heiman, and a dog named Eula May.

Steve "DynoSteve" McConnell
Ride hard, Shoot Straight & always speak the truth.
DynoSteve Tatto Pan Head

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Steve has had a lifelong obsession with Motorcycles. He speaks fluent Engine and has almost 20 years of professional experience making bikes run fast. He holds just about every Harley and DynoJet certification available. After working for Northwest Harley Davidson for over a decade, Steve left in 2012 to start DynoSteve because he wanted to push the bounds of performance and runability.  He is widely considered one of the best Dyno Tunners on the West Coast.  You do not have to trust this website, ask around the biking community, his reputation speaks for itself.
Steve brings the passion and we-can-do-it to DynoSteve Performance.


Joel "JDubs" Heiman
Calm down.
Joel JDubs Heiman Calm Down

Born in Colorado and raised in Japan, Joel began his mechanic’s career working on cars. When Joel met Steve in 2011 he realized how much more enjoyable it was to work on bikes and officially joined the DynoSteve team in 2014.  Originally tasked with managing Steve, he has expanded his role of Executive Manager to include being a Master Technician and a co-owner.  Besides going fast and working on bikes, he also enjoys fitness and food. Joel brings practicality and get-it-done to DynoSteve Performance.

Eula May Jones
Eula the Corgi

Dynosteve’s official greeter, shop dog, and destroyer of cardboard.   You can find her playing in take-off parts, hiding bones around the office, and stealing gloves. Eula brings sass, and would be ok with you bringing her treats to DynoSteve Performance.